EFPKT Croatia, Premantura 2012

Hi everyone,

It's a while ago since I updated my blog... Sorry for that! But now I'm back with some  news ;-)
So this autumn holidays I went to Croatia, Premantura for the European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour! My goal was to get a top 3 place.

Day 1

The first day of the event was nice and relaxing because there was no wind so we could do some site seeing because in Premantura there is such a beautiful nature! And we were even more lucky because we were in a nature park called Kamenjak! The manager of the park came in person to give us a guide through the park. First we went to an Istrian farm where we ate typical dishes from there. After that we went for a walk on "The Dinosaur Trail" where we could see real dinosaur footsteps in the rocks.After that we went back home to take a little rest after an active day but in the evening we had to go for our official opening ceremony! There were majorettes and the mayor was there to. Every country got called on the podium, and after that we had a nice walking diner! :-)

Day 2

The forecast for this day was looking really good 30 knots all day and it was only increasing! The skippers meeting was called at 10 with a first possible start at 11. I rigged my 3.7 and went to check out the conditions because it was my first day sailing in Premantura. I felt really confident I landed all my moves very consistent and was sure that I would sail good! But the wind was increasing all the time and when it was my first heat I already had to switch to my 3.0 and I was still fully overpowered... I got kicked out in the first round because I sailed really bad I couldn't perform in this wind... So the second day was ending rather bad for me than good... But the forecast was looking good for the coming days so I was determined to fight back in the double elimination!

Day 3

The forecast was really good for today up to 25 knots in the afternoon! So I was super stoked to fight back and get back on the podium! But the conditions were offshore and the wind was too gusty so I was pretty disappointed that we couldn't run the double... Luckily they still had an idea to keep us busy! :-) they made there a real life soccer table, it was such a blast! I would love to have this thing in my back yard!! After this we all went to the local Safari Bar a really nice place! With a beautiful view on the sea!

Day 4

We had to get out of our beds early this day! We thought that in the morning we might still have a chance to get some good wind! But that wasn't the case... Off course there was an other activity planned to make sure that the kids had a great time! This time we went paint balling :-)! My main goal was to give the head judge (Ruben Petrisie) a hard time in the field!! :-) But I didn't have to face him... Luckily I didn't get hit! After this we went to a beautiful aquarium in Pula where I saw some very funny fish :-). The coolest thing was that most fish in the aquarium are also found in the waters of Premantura. After that we had a chance to show our singing skills in a local bar in Premantura.

Day 5

It was another waiting day without wind... But luckily we had lots of activities like: horse riding, archery, sup and kayaking. And that was a lot of fun!! We also went for an nice biking tour on the rocky roads from Premantura! Day 5 for sure was also a lot of fun!!

Day 6

I was Really looking forward to this day! Because I would get a change to get back on the podium. I was really focused just trying to think about the competition. But in the beginning of the day the wind wasn't looking so good... But  in the back of my head still knowing that the wind would pick up I didn't wanna give up hope so I went on the water to check out the conditions. The wind picked up already! It was okay on my 3.7 so I couldn't wait to start my heat :)! I knew it was going to be a long day because I had to win 5 heat's before I would be on the podium. 5 Heats without resting feels like sailing 8 hours without resting... My first heat was against Mats Moyson, a really good friend of me, one of my best! I had a really good heat with nice spocks, grubby's, big flaka's, esliders and punetas. Every heat actually went the same with the same moves all after each other I really was on my game ;)! After 5 heats I  was already happy that I was back on the podium! When I had to face Kostya I was very tired and not able to do my tricks so well... So I lost... But I still was so happy to get back on the podium that I actually didn't care so much :)! After that we had the price giving and the end of a very nice week in Premantura, Croatia! I hope to see you next year:)!


Thanks for the pics Michele Tagliafico and Boran Sirola :)

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