First article on Espace Windsurf!!

Recently, I became  member of  a team called Espace Windsurf. It's a sickk team with some sickk riders! Ones in a while we need to write an article of something we have done eg. a trip, spot guide, ... I chose to make a spot guide about 3 spots from  " l'Etang De Leucate". I hope you like it! My article


Profile on Maui Ultra fins!!


Checkkk my new profile on Maui Ultra Fins! Hope you like it!

Mattijs Lasore

Check It out!!!

Training in Leucate 2012!!

For the Easter Holidays my Mom and me made a sickk trip to Leucate! I met many nice people like Mimo the cook from Wesh Center Crew who is not only a really good cook but also a nice guy! Julien "Wesh" Taboulet is a really good windsurfer that motivated me a lot to realise my dreams!! Just all the people from Wesh Center do an amazing job! I also went surfing to some other nice spots! Like Friday I surfed @ Teleski where I could train a lot in the chop! There were also some German freestylers like Karsten Struwe and Robin Zandrazil who helped me a lot with some of my new moves: thanks for that! After standing maybe 6 hours on the water my friend Michiel De Cooman arrived. Funny but it looked like Michiel brought the really hard wind with him :-) With the wind increasing and me getting more tired every second I thought it would be better to stop for that day! So Saturday I looked out of the window and yeaah mengg it was like we would get a fullpower session again: France was alive!! As fast as I could I wanted to go on the water! with my 3.6 a little overpowered in the gusts I still tried to make the best of this session but the hard wind started to have an effect on my foot every day more pain so more bandage around my foot... I stopped around 7 O'clock because I was just broken! But Sunday was looking Epic so that gave me hope!! 30 knots whole day long what do you want more?! First we went to Wesh center totally overpowered not able to do tricks we decided to go to Eole where it was 10 knots less! There the wind still was very hard but better then @ LE Goulet so just trying to do our best in the gusty conditions I was just to tired to have a nice relaxed session and just went of the water! Actually really happy next day no wind because I wouldn't be able to surf! Monday was just chilling day and trying to rest a bit before Tuesday we took the plane back to Belgium. I really have many good memories about Leucate and I am sure this won't be the last time I go to Leucate!

Together with Julien Taboulet @ Wesh Center Crew

Waiting for the plane!

Somewhere in the air between Carcassonne and Charleroi!!

Onehanded flaka @ Eole 

Flaka @ Wesh Center Crew

Puneta @ Teleski

Puneta part2 @ Teleski

Puneta part3 @ Teleski 

Puneta part4 @ Teleski

Flaka @ Wesh Center Crew

New Stickers in my sail!!

I got some new stickers from my sponsors and they look sickk!! Check them out!!  It was also a pretty long time ago I had to put stickers on my sail and it just reminded me sticking is a hard work ;-) but the result is nice!
Want some more info over my sponsors?  Just click on the sponsor name!!

 Funsport academy sticker!!
 Brunotti and Maui Ultra Fins sticker!!
Fly High Sports sticker!!

New Maui Ultra fins!!

Today I got a really nice gift with the mail! Guess what I got: my new super nice Maui Ultra Fins! It's only a pity that I can't test them now... Because I have an injury. 2 weeks no surfing... But I think it will be good to have a little rest it doesn't seem that there will be wind coming. So I will let my foot rest and then train even harder than before!
Here a pic of my new fin!
You want some more information about Maui Ultra Fins? Click here

Well If you can't do sports you have to do something else don't you ;-)! So I got an idea to personalize my crutches a bit :P! Check it out!



Friday I went to Brunotti and I had a super nice day! They gave me a tour through the place where everything happens. I was really amazed to see how much steps they need to take before they get this perfect product to their customers! I also have really much respect for everyone behind Brunotti! Brunotti also gave me an amazing chance to sign a contract. Of course I was super happy! They also gave me the chance to look at the new collection and WOW the new clothes are SUPER SICKK!! after that we went for a visit at the warehouse where all the clothes get shipped. Throughout the visit there was one thing I noticed all the people there work very hard and they should be proud of there product!!! If you want more info over Brunotti click here.



Signing the contract super stoked!!

Cold sessions!


When Christmas holidays were almost over, we had a chance to get some sickk sessions on the water! There was a big storm named Andrea that passed through Europe and certainly it didn't forget to blow the Netherlands and Belgium away! So I got time to go on the water and take advantage of the super hard but cold wind and weather. The beginning of 2012 turned out to be really good. I landed new moves like flaka's and could practice really good in the strong winds. Now we are just waiting until the wind picks up again and start to train again full power ;)!


Article in Windsurfer International!

I came in the magazine Windsurfer International super stoked about it! And I hope you like it!
If you wanne read it click here.


New wetsuit!

This is my new Animal wetsuit that's going to keep me warm during winter time thanks to fly high sports!